Field Day

Students having fun at Field Day

The 2nd Annual Field Day was a rousing success. From water gun fights to double dutch jump rope, students had a blast rotating through the games. Key Community volunteers led the activities and planned all of the events. We thank them for their generosity and for a great day! Fun was had by all.

Roots Bee

Group of Senior Students

A round of applause to Emilee, Yujung, Jack(1st), Aidan(2nd), & James(3rd)!!! You impressed us all with your Roots knowledge!!! Thank you to Mr. Saunders, Mrs. Bryant, & Mrs. Holler for being our judges & hosts!! Greek and Latin Roots are one of the Pillars of Key. Ninety percent of English words with more than one […]

Teacher Appreciation Week

key community parent group

Every May, we recognize teachers for all their hard work. Special thanks to Key Community for providing gift cards and breakfast for our families. Middle School students also wrote notes of appreciation. A generous parent in elementary purchased Elementary teachers lunches. The Key School Leadership Team bought a cute “spaghetti” dinner gift for every teacher […]

Staff Recognition Awards

Staff Recognition Teachers

On Thursday after our students headed off to enjoy their Spring Break, we took time as Faculty & Staff to celebrate some of our peers that have given Key School and Training Center many years of service. Thank you to Ann Christian, Wanda Wachowski, Sherri Coffee, Judy Stella, Mellie Joiner, Leigh Bryant, Melinda Johnson, Ryan […]