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An Extraordinary Value

College is a significant investment, regardless of financial circumstances. College At Key provides a unique opportunity for students to gain college credit while also gaining the skills to succeed at a four-year university in the future.

What makes a good value in a student’s education is different for every family. The real purpose of College At Key is to increase college success for students with learning differences.

Affordable Access

College At Key is dedicated to helping students who learn differently succeed – at college and in life. The tuition at College At Key is $30,000 per year and includes the Enrichment Courses, Credit-bearing Courses, Advising & Transition Planning and scheduled open learning time. The program is one year in length and is limited to only ten students. Students will attend school Monday-Friday for approximately six hours daily.

  • Annual tuition is competitive with other private colleges and universities nationwide.
  • Total, inclusive cost of attendance is significantly lower than that of other institutions that serve students who learn differently.
  • Costs may be offset through Financial Assistance. More information coming soon on how to apply.

Application & Admission Requirements

We are here to make the process easy for you. The following is a list of Admission guidelines you will need to prepare.

For questions or to learn more, please contact admissions@collegeatkey.org.