Counseling and Student Advocacy


The Key School Counselor provides social and emotional support and interventions that focus on each child’s strengths and individual needs. The counselor will implement and teach preventive programming and psychoeducation that is aimed at educating students, parents, and staff on key mental health issues. In addition, the counselor will collaborate with the student’s family members, administration, and staff to best support the child overall functioning.  

Counseling Services:
  • Individual sessions to process and discuss salient social, emotional, and academic issues as well as provide solutions to support the child’s individual needs.
  • Crisis management and mental health assessment to inform appropriate referrals in the community.
  • Collaboration with the child’s parents to support the best outcomes for the student.
  • Implementing mental health programming that focuses on the unique needs of the Key School community.  
Social and Emotional Programming and Preventive Interventions
  • Mindfulness
  • Empathy
  • Suicide and Bully Prevention
  • Cyber-Safety
  • Problem-Solving
  • Friendship
  • Self-Esteem
  • Growth Mindset
  • Responsibility
  • Self-Regulation
  • Decision-Making
  • Social Situations
  • Cooperation
  • Thoughts
  • Learning Styles
  • Focus
  • Determination
  • Study Skills
  • Community Service
New Key School staff

Lauren Johnston

LPC-Associate Supervised by Judith Alexzander-Priest, LPC-S

School Counselor

817-446-3738, Ext. 205


Christina Adams

Upper School Student Advocate

817-446-3738, Ext. 108

Student Advocacy

Student Advocates assist students with academic and emotional needs throughout the school day. The goal of each Student Advocate is to coach the students through difficult situations and to teach the importance of self-advocacy. The Student Advocate offices are a safe place for students to reset when experiencing frustrations with schoolwork, other students, or teachers. The Student Advocates are also available to students to celebrate accomplishments, provide encouragement, and generally provide support across all areas at school.

Students may ask to see a Student Advocate at any time during the day. If a student struggles with voicing to a teacher that they need to see a Student Advocate, the student may be issued a Student Advocate Pass or Break Card to hand to a teacher in moments of anxiety or frustration.

After the Student Advocate has worked with the student to resolve an issue, the student will return to class, and the Student Advocate will communicate with the teachers and parents regarding any additional needs for the student. 

Student Advocates are also available to parents and teachers. Parents may call or email their child’s Student Advocate when they have a concern about work or any interaction their child had throughout the day. The Student Advocate will inform teachers of any concern and document in Microsoft Teams.

Teachers may also share student concerns with the Student Advocate. Teachers report behavior infractions through FACTS by issuing a digital Respect Slip. The Student Advocate will then speak with the student, assign appropriate consequences, and communicate with the student, teacher, and parents. Teachers also report academic concerns to the Student Advocates in alignment with the Missing Work and Rectification Policy. The Student Advocate works with the student during the instructional day to complete or rectify assignments or the student will be assigned to After School sessions, or Friday School if required.

Kindness Ambassador

Lady Lexi serves as the Kindness Ambassador for Key School and is an important part of our advocacy program. She assists with Student Advocacy and brings a smile to everyone who encounters her.

Lady Lexi is a Golden Doodle who was generously donated to Key School by one of our own Key School Families! She is on campus multiple days a week and is housed in the Key School Leadership Team offices during her on-campus time. Her goal is to provide comfort for students who may need redirection, are experiencing stress and anxiety, or have worked hard to earn some quality time with her! Lady Lexi brings great joy to the students and staff at Key School.

Lady Lexi school dog

Lady Lexi