Financial Aid Fund

About the Sally Rose Ramsey Financial Aid Fund

The Sally Rose Ramsey Financial Aid Fund at Key Center was started in 2021 by Kevin Ramsey, a few months before he died. Kevin was a generous financial supporter of Key Center’s expansion in 2020. It was his idea to establish the Sally Rose Ramsey fund to honor his mother.

Sally Rose Ramsey had a passion for serving students with dyslexia. Sally studied at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital and became a dyslexia therapist to teach these students who could not read and write or experience success in school. She was personally impacted by dyslexia through her son Jimmy and saw firsthand through her life’s work the importance of educators supporting students with dyslexia.

Last year, Key Center awarded over $100,000 in financial aid to students and educators to attend the school and training center. This success is most encouraging, and Key Center hopes to offer $150,000 to the children in need and the educators in the community in the next calendar year.

The tireless efforts of persistent teachers have achieved miracles for Key School students. Many of the programs in public and private schools are not equipped to teach children to which Key School caters. One in five students in our community has dyslexia. Unaddressed during elementary, 74% of these children will continue to have learning and reading difficulties into high school and beyond.

Funds will also be used to offer financial aid to teachers in the community who are training to become Certified Academic Language Therapists like Sally through the Key Center Training and Outreach programs.

Financial Aid Impact

Key Center requests support for its need-based Financial Aid Program now known as the Sally Rose Ramsey Financial Aid Fund. These funds will enable students with learning differences in Tarrant County, who have also demonstrated the need for financial assistance, to receive instructional services and support from highly qualified teachers within a premiere academic setting. It will also allow teacher trainees to receive financial aid support to become Certified Academic Language Therapists.

Each school year, more than 20% of the student body receives needs-based tuition assistance. In fact, since 2008, over $1.54 million in aid has been distributed to over 262 students. Unfortunately, each year the need for assistance is much greater than the amount available to give.


In the 2021-2022 school year, 25% of students and 20% of trainees received financial aid, and over $110,000 was given out.