The OAKS Library


We are excited to have a new library that opened in the fall of 2022.  I am the full time librarian, as well as a reading interventionist, and the library is open all day for students to visit and check out books.

We have many new books that have just come in the last few weeks and another order on the way.  Our books range from the very youngest to books that our seniors will enjoy.  We have different genres to interest all students no matter what their reading level is.

I have been gathering ideas from the students about series they enjoy reading and books that they think others would like to read.  My suggestions come from students, parents, teachers, and a website that specifically addresses dyslexia and other learning differences. 

Please feel free to stop by and see the library.  It’s been transformed into a comfy place to find the perfect book and read!! 

Please visit my Amazon Wish List or sign-up to volunteer at the Book Fair to be held in November each year.  I’ve chosen some items to just make the space more comfortable and things we can use for all ages.


Mary Anderson

Key School Librarian
Reading Interventionist