Celebrating Student Success

Joshua at school

Faith plays a big role in the life of sophomore Joshua. Joshua began at Key School at the beginning of his ninth grade year. His mother,  Lisareth, knew Joshua was struggling in school before high school but  just didn’t know what she could do. His school, while it was a great school and helped his […]

Celebrating Family Success

Jackson in his living room

When Jackson came home from the first day of his three-day visit at Key School, his first words were “I want to go to this school.” That was the Spring of 2021 and his grandparents Kanani Mahelona and Ralph Wynn quickly signed him up for the next school year.   Jackson’s early life was a struggle. […]

River’s Journey

River in the classroom

River, a 5th grader, from Honolulu, Hawaii has made a long journey to get to where she is today, not only geographically with a move to DFW area but emotionally and academically. She first came to live with her Aunt Lisa three years ago. The family knew she needed academic support because as a third […]

Finding the Right Fit

Janiel in her office

Janiel is a sweet, inquisitive third grader at Key School. She began Key in March 2022 and has since become a favorite of her teachers and students. Janiel’s education journey hasn’t always been picture-perfect. Janiel’s mother, Stacey, realized quite early that things were not clicking quickly for Janiel and got her tested privately after battles […]

Creating a Legacy

Ryan in the classroom

“All their life our students were told ‘No, they couldn’t do that.’ I want to give our parents (and students) the experience they didn’t get at other schools,” Ryan Peterson, a Key School educator, said. Ryan knows first-hand the experience Key School parents face daily. Her oldest son is on the Autism Spectrum and from […]

Pursuing Dreams

Carter Graduating School

Going to college is often not on the horizon for many of our students before coming to Key School. Students may come with a dislike of school because they have been struggling and know they are not at the same level as other students. Carter, Class of 2022, was a typical 4th-grade boy in many […]