Celebrating Student Success

Joshua at school


Faith plays a big role in the life of sophomore Joshua. Joshua began at Key School at the beginning of his ninth grade year. His mother,  Lisareth, knew Joshua was struggling in school before high school but  just didn’t know what she could do. His school, while it was a great school and helped his faith, did not meet his learning needs. “Joshua was super  messy, super forgetful and struggled with reading. I didn’t know anything  about how to get him help,” Lisareth said.

A good friend recommended he get tested at Scottish Rite for Children  where he was diagnosed with dyslexia, ADHD and focus issues. This same  friend recommended Key School.

“School was a struggle for Joshua. He wasn’t confident and bullied a lot  and felt dumb.” Lisareth adding, “The big difference between his previous  school and Key is he is more confident. He feels he can make a difference  here. With Joshua’s struggles, I had to remind him that God has a plan for  him and our faith taught us that.”

Joshua is very popular and is a leader at Key School. Students gravitate to  his engaging personality. He is very close to several young men and spends  much of his school and free time with them. Lisareth said, “His goal is to  show other students love. I remind him who he is. He now participates in  class. He feels he is being seen and being heard. He feels he matters. Key  School gives him all of that.”

Joshua’s tuition is supplemented through support from our financial  aid program and a very generous supporter who chooses to remain anonymous.

“I’m so grateful to God for bringing us to Key. I wouldn’t want him any  other place,” Lisareth said.