Finding the Right Fit

Janiel in her office


Janiel is a sweet, inquisitive third grader at Key School. She began Key in March 2022 and has since become a favorite of her teachers and students.

Janiel’s education journey hasn’t always been picture-perfect. Janiel’s mother, Stacey, realized quite early that things were not clicking quickly for Janiel and got her tested privately after battles with her school district. Unfortunately, shortly after confirming her diagnosis, COVID-19 shutdowns began and school ended. That next fall, Stacey, felt the school wasn’t the right fit for her and looked for a school that would better meet her needs.

At the next school she attended, Janiel did not thrive. “It was extremely traumatic. Others were bullying her. I was in tears,” Stacey said. After one year, Stacey decided to homeschool Janiel for her second-grade year. While that worked for the short term, it was not a long-term solution.

Through other parents that had heard about Key School, Stacey decided to check it out and brought Janiel for a tour and visit. Key School seemed like a good fit academically, but the tuition was financially hard. Janiel was behind several grade levels in reading, and Stacey felt this was the best choice.

“Key School provided the learning environment Janiel needed. She enjoys learning. It has been really amazing. She does really well here. Her teacher Mrs. Reyes is phenomenal and is very accessible. She takes the time to communicate with us,” Stacey says.

Tuition is still difficult financially. Financial aid helps, but as a single mother and social worker, a private school education is hard. “You do what do. You don’t have a choice for your kids. It’s really our only option,” Stacey said. Adding “We love it here. Key School teaches her where she is at.”