Pursuing Dreams

Carter Graduating School


Going to college is often not on the horizon for many of our students before coming to Key School. Students may come with a dislike of school because they have been struggling and know they are not at the same level as other students.

Carter, Class of 2022, was a typical 4th-grade boy in many ways before stepping in the door at Key School, but he was frustrated at school. Carter became aware that he was not keeping up with other students and began acting up in class. The principal at his private school recommended Key School where the staff helped Carter with testing to determine his learning difference.

Marti Lawrence, Carter’s mom, “Key School understood how to teach children with learning differences. We were grateful to have a resource like this available for Carter.”

Key School served Carter, like every student, by creating an individual instructional plan to meet his needs. Marti said this gave Carter the self-confidence he needed to pursue his goals. As he continued at Key School, that goal became going to college. Carter tributes a lot of his positive experience at Key School to two teachers –Angela Bly and Leigh Bryant. Ms. Bly helped Carter not be afraid of Math, while Mrs. Bryant was a vital part of this experience.

“Mrs. Bryant provided the empathy, insight, and encouragement that Carter, my husband, and I needed during Carter’s transition into Key School,” Marti said.

Today, Carter is completing his second semester at Texas State University. “He is working hard, and we are very proud that he now knows how to problem solve, advocate for himself and make good choices,” Marti said. “Key School provided a safe and nurturing environment for Carter. He has the tools, routines, and support to help him overcome his learning challenges.”

And now, he is pursuing his dream and is well on his way to finishing college.