Training Center

Key School and Training Center will provide educator training in the community as well as outreach to parents about various topics related to learning differences. The hallmark of Key School and Training Center, Key Dyslexia Therapy Training Program offers in-depth and multi-sensory structured training for individuals in the community interested in becoming Certified Academic Language Therapists. The program trains and prepares teachers to become dyslexia therapists. Educators learn the latest research-based strategies to teach reading, writing, and spelling, enabling other schools to offer the same valuable instruction on which Key School relies for comprehensive dyslexia therapy.

To learn more about the Key Dyslexia Therapy Training Program, email us at training@ksfw.org.

What is Academic Language Therapy?

Academic Language Therapy is the diagnostic and prescriptive application of Multisensory Structured Language to mitigate or remediate written-language disorders, including dyslexia.

Academic Language Therapy Association® (ALTA)


Academic language means that instruction offered to individuals is educational and emphasizes the teaching of reading, spelling, handwriting, and written expression. Therapy indicates that the instruction is intensive and therapeutic rather than tutorial. Students receiving academic language therapy are taught the structure of the English language from its simplest to its most complex form. Multisensory Structured Language (terms which are often used interchangeably) includes the teaching of phonology, phonics, orthography, morphology-etymology, semantics and syntax. These components are taught through an explicit, systematic, sequential, cumulative and repetitive manner.

Key Dyslexia Therapy Training

The Key Dyslexia Therapy Training program provides educators the opportunity to learn through real world application as they deliver instruction to students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences in various educational settings.

Key Training Topics

Educators have a wide variety of training topics to learn how to work with students with language-based learning differences. Key School and Training Center can also customize a training or professional development program for schools and other organizations.

Please contact us at training@ksfw.org ask about a personalized training session for your team.

Speaker fees apply. Training Sessions can be done onsite.

Scholarship opportunities available.